The Fuel Matrix, LLC. 

The Fuel Matrix Molicule
The Fuel Matrix, LLC. was recently formed in 2012, as a Nevada Limited Liability Company, as the worldwide Manufacturer of the state-of-the-art product known as The Fuel Matrix. The company is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The core management team of the Fuel Matrix includes several executives with extensive and successful backgrounds in the fuel and marketing industries with competent experience with large operations. The Fuel Matrix, LLC's plan is to relocate all current manufacturing operations to Las Vegas, Nevada. We will manufacture, bottle and ship all product from the Las Vegas facility. A large inventory will be available at all times at the facility. The Fuel Matrix, LLC has a $2 Million Product Liability Insurance Policy for customers purchasing our product.
Fuel Guage
The Fuel Matrix’s management has conducted extensive research into the fuel and oil additive market, for automobiles, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, large and small agricultural and commercial engines using gasoline and diesel fuels. The Fuel Matrix product is uniquely positioned to serve this segment of the market because of its ability to substantially reduce all vehicle emissions and its ability to increase mileage.

Our new product contains no additives and consists of only organic based ethanol alcohol. This creates a strong demand between The Fuel Matrix and those customers who are seeking solutions to specific energy related problems for vehicles. The necessity for energy saving products that are (GREEN) are becoming considerably greater each day. All types of entities in the world are experiencing high fuel costs and (POLLUTION PROBLEMS) due to vehicle emissions. Protecting the environment and conserving fuel are two of the most important problems in our world today. The Fuel Matrix offers a tested and proven answer to these problems.

Save money by saving gas

All of Fuel Matrix’ products are protected by law. However, we will continue to keep our manufacturing process a trade secret, thus preventing public disclosure and the subsequent possibility of legal entanglement with other companies trying to duplicate our product. The Fuel Matrix cannot be reverse engineered and is safe from being duplicated by our competitors.

   The initial reactions from our market test customers indicate that our new product is enjoying an excellent positive reaction. Inquiries from prospective customers suggest that there is considerable demand for the Fuel Matrix. Relationships with large facilities, major accounts, automobile, truck and bus companies will provide us with considerable growth and success in the future.